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July 27th, 2006

Le prochain livre de Robert Spencer sort en octobre aux États-Unis

Il sera intitulé The Truth About Muhammad. L’auteur en propose lui-même une critique savoureuse que même ses pires détracteurs auront de la peine à surclasser dans l’acidité:

The ignorant Islamophobe Spencer compounds his abysmal ignorance of Islam with his latest hysterical screed, The Truth About Muhammad. This frothing book-length rant draws exclusively on the earliest sources for the life of Muhammad (pbuh), particularly Ibn Ishaq, Ibn Sa’d, and the hadith collections of Bukhari and Muslim. As everyone knows, Ibn Ishaq has long since been discredited, and serious scholars of Islam snicker at the mention of his name. Ibn Sa’d? Bukhari? Muslim? Pshaw. If Spencer does manage to record anything accurately in this book, it is purely by accident, as he cherry-picks the worst incidents of Muhammad’s life to paint a patently absurd picture of a warrior prophet.Why, Spencer doesn’t even know Arabic — or if he does, he’s just trying vainly to impress us. What is he trying to do — ignite a clash of civilizations?

Mais il rappelle tout de même aussi que

They know that what we are saying about Islam, jihad, and terrorism is true — if they really believed it wasn’t, they would show their readers the exact ways in which we are wrong, but they don’t do that, because they can’t. But they know that a few well-placed sneers will scare away many people of good will — and that is a game that they play expertly.

Ce livre aussi, il faudra le traduire.

UPDATE: Le voici, avec une première critique positive.

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